Ben Thompson

Tees Events took over exclusive management of Ben Thompson from July 2015.  Tees Events have rebranded Ben Thompson’s existing image and launched a new website www.benthompsonelvis.co.uk.  All bookings and requests now go through bookings@benthompsonelvis.co.uk.

In 2013 Ben entered and won Europe’s Tribute to Elvis competition which was his first attempt at qualifying for Elvis Presley Enterprises Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest.  In his first Ultimate Contest Ben gained a top five place out of 30 competitors.

The following year Ben competed in the Tupelo Ultimate Elvis Contest 2014 - the birthplace of Elvis Presley - and once again qualified for the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest in Memphis by winning the Tupelo contest.  Tupelo was special for Ben not only did he win in the birthplace of his idol he was also awarded the key to the city by the Mayor of Tupelo.  The Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest 2014 saw Ben returning to Memphis, TN once again and his performances gained him 2nd place.

Ben won the Branson Elvis Festival and will represent Branson at the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest in Memphis during Elvis Week. More info and details on Ben can be found on his official website here.